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What is a magazine rebuild kit?

We receive this question quite a bit, so we thought we would take a moment and share a little information about magazine rebuild kits and the reasons why they exist.

A magazine rebuild kit, sometimes referred to as a repair kit, is a brand new magazine that is opened, disassembled and packaged carefully prior to shipping. A rebuild kit is complete, in that it contains all of the original components of a fully assembled magazine, but simply disassembled.

What is the purpose?

There are many reasons why our customers order rebuild kits. Rebuild kits are traditionally used by customers to obtain magazine components to repair existing magazines or to be assembled at a later date or location where it is legal to do so. Many of our customers are law enforcement agents and members of the military, who are legally authorized to possess them, but are not exempted from laws restricting purchase.

Many of our customers routinely travel from states with magazine limitations to other less restrictive states where they participate in sporting events or competitions. Because of their unique requirements, they may order disassembled magazines, and keep them disassembled until they reach their event or competition location.

Why do rebuild kits cost more?

Shipping standard magazines is very simple, and is as easy as puling a magazine off of the shelf, placing it in a package and printing a label.

Shipping rebuild kits requires more time, and packaging care. Rebuild kit orders are placed into a separate shipping queue, where new magazines are disassembled and carefully packaged prior to labels being printed for shipping. The extra amount of time, as well as packaging and shipping costs is the reason for the increased price of rebuild kits.

We recommend that all customers know their local city, state, and federal laws and restrictions.

If you are purchasing this item or its components in an attempt to bypass Local, City, County or State laws -- you are doing so at your own risk. Know your rights, laws and ordinances or do not purchase. Employees, contractors, affiliates, and owners of Badger Mountain Supply are not responsible nor liable for any personal, professional, legal or otherwise general harm or damage as the result of purchasing this item.

We are extremely proud to support the Constitution of the United States of America, the firearms and weapons industries, and the brave men and women of our law enforcement agencies and military branches.

I live in California, can I buy rebuild kits?

Unfortunately we do not ship rebuild kits to California. California has gone to great lengths in their quest to abolish the 2nd amendment and impose their unique form of liberalism. There is one solution, move out of California.

Under California law, it is illegal for individuals in the state to purchase large-capacity magazines, large-capacity magazine ‘repair’ or ‘rebuild’ kits, and disassembled large-capacity magazines.  Under San Francisco law, it is illegal for individuals in the city to possess these items.  As of July 1, 2017, it will be illegal for individuals anywhere in the State of California to possess these items.  Limited exceptions may apply.

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