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Rebuild Kits

Rebuild Kits

A rebuild / repair kit is a brand new magazine that has been opened, disassembled, and packaged for shipping. Rebuild Kits may be used to repair existing magazines, used to create limited-capacity magazines, or assembled and used in accordance with local laws and restrictions. Many of our customers enjoy shooting sports in other states, or store rebuild kits disassembled -- there are numerous reasons to purchase rebuild kits, and we are happy to provide them to you.

Purchasing Rebuild Kits?

BMR Magazine Block Limiters are essential for restricted jurisdictions! Installed in seconds, they can temporarily or permanently limit capacity in the event you need to demonstrate compliance on short notice.

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Where do you ship rebuild kits?

Without being specific, we ship rebuild kits EVERYWHERE except California.

If you are purchasing this item or its components in an attempt to bypass Local, City, County or State laws -- you are doing so at your own risk. Know your rights, laws and ordinances or do not purchase. Employees, contractors, affiliates, and owners of Badger Mountain Supply are not responsible nor liable for any personal, professional, legal or otherwise general harm or damage as the result of purchasing this item.

Under California law, it is illegal for individuals in the state to purchase large-capacity magazines, large-capacity magazine ‘repair’ or ‘rebuild’ kits, and disassembled large-capacity magazines.  Under San Francisco law, it is illegal for individuals in the city to possess these items.  As of July 1, 2017, it will be illegal for individuals anywhere in the State of California to possess these items.  Limited exceptions may apply.

Rebuild kits are not returnable, as we open brand new magazines prior to disassembly and shipping for each order.

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